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What Does CBD Taste Like and What Should I Do if I Don’t Like It?

We’re all different and that includes having different taste buds. What is nice to one person isn’t necessarily nice to another. Some love the taste of cannabis, whereas others can’t stand it. To answer what CBD tastes like is easy, but to answer whether or not you’ll like the CBD taste is impossible. If you don’t like it, don’t give up because we have solutions.

What does CBD taste like?

CBD products typically have an earthy, hemp taste. The more cannabinoids and terpenes within the CBD product, the stronger the hemp taste. Therefore, full-spectrum products typically have the strongest tastes. Another factor of CBD taste to consider is the product it has been infused with, e.g. the taste of the carrier oil used to create the CBD oil.

Tastes vary from product to product. You can choose from various flavours of CBD e-liquids; some have a more ‘hempy’ taste than others. Different CBD gummies and edibles also come in different flavours.

What if I don't like the CBD taste?

Many people don’t like the hempy taste of CBD. If you or your child don’t, do not worry. CBD is a beneficial cannabinoid and food supplement for wellbeing. If you can’t stand the CBD taste, it shouldn’t stop you from improving your wellbeing. Instead, we must figure out how to avoid the hempy taste of CBD.

Here are the solutions.

Woman disgusted by CBD taste

Water Soluble CBD

Imagine having your favourite drink and getting the benefits of CBD at the same time. Water soluble CBD makes this possible. The water soluble won’t make a notable difference to the taste of your drink.

CBD Gummies

There are certainly many CBD gummies that have a strong hemp taste; however, the flavours of some gummies mask the hemp taste. Other CBD gummies may have a slight or no hemp taste at all.

CBD Bon Bons Strawberry

CBD Capsules

Capsules are great as you can quickly and easily swallow your CBD down with water, without tasting anything.

CBD Creams and Beauty Products

CBD doesn’t necessarily need to be taken orally. You could also apply CBD creams or balms to target a specific area of your skin. Consider beauty products such as CBD bath bombs or bath salts for an improved relaxing experience.

If you were somebody who didn’t particularly like the taste of hemp, we hope we’ve provided you with information and solutions to allow you to have a powerful and impactful CBD journey. Learn more about CBD from our informative videos.

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