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Water Soluble CBD- 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Video – How to Use Water Soluble CBD

What does water soluble CBD mean?

It basically means you can add it to any drink. Normal CBD Oils that you put under your tongue are not dissolvable in liquid whereas when you add a water soluble CBD Oil it will dissolve easily and will be optimally absorbed by your body.

How is water soluble CBD made?

The scientific process is called nano technology. This is a process where they pulverise the CBD into millions of tiny particles which makes it easily absorbed into water and therefore your body.

Is CBD isolate water soluble ?

CBD Isolate is just CBD on its own it doesn’t contain the rest of the plant like a broad spectrum or full spectrum product.

Therefore CBD isolate is water soluble on its own and can be added to a drink or used in baking.

Alternatively you can buy water soluble CBD oils that have been through the process of nano technology and can be added easily to any drink. This allows you to benefit from the rest of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant promoting the entourage effect.

Can you be drugs tested for water soluble CBD?

Drugs tests are usually only looking for the psychoactive element of cannabis which is called THC. If you feel concerned you are best to choose an isolate Water soluble CBD as this contains zero THC.

You can buy a full spectrum water soluble CBD that contains less than 0.02% THC which is a trace amount. Usually this also doesn’t show on a drugs test however if it did it would show as a false positive. The same may happen if you were to eat poppy seeds.

How much water soluble CBD do I need?

Research suggests that it is 5 x more effective than traditional CBD Oils meaning you need less. This is because our bodies are made up of 60% water so it’s absorbed easier than an oil based product.

When it comes to dosage we all need different amounts so its starting small and increasing gradually until you reach your CBD Sweet Spot. This is the amount that’s right for your body. Don’t worry you can’t overdose on CBD.

Dosage Guidelines

For adults we would suggest starting on 5mg-10mg a day. After several days if you feel it necessary double the amount. Again wait a few days and if necessary increase again.

For children we would suggest starting on 1mg-5mg a day. After several days if you feel it necessary double the amount. Again wait a few days and if necessary increase again.

Can you vape water soluble CBD?

Unfortunately you can’t vape this oil or any CBD Oil. When they make a CBD Vape Oil they use a very fine carrier oil so that it will burn in a vape pen. If you try to you will probably experience a burnt taste and your coil will get clogged.

CBD Water Soluble Benefits

-It can be added to any of your favourite drinks. You can add it to tea, coffee, juice, water, cocktails, alcohol, milk or any other of your favourite drinks.

-Because water soluble CBD is pretty much tasteless you don’t need to worry if you don’t like the taste of hemp.

-Easily added to a child’s drink so that they too can feel the wellbeing that CBD brings.

-People who don’t drink alcohol enjoy using water soluble CBD to enjoy a relaxing evening

Best Water Soluble CBD UK

Here at Excite For Life CBD Shop we have tried and tested lots of different brands and have found these to be the best water soluble CBD UK.

Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD from CBDLife

This bottle contains the whole plant so is the most effective way as it will promote the entourage effect. There are 400mg of CBD in total in the bottle and each drop is only 1mg so its easy to add small amounts to drinks.

full spectrum water soluble cbd

Isolate Water Soluble CBD from CBD Ultra

This bottle contains isolated CBD therefore it has zero THC. This is ideal for people who do not want to have any THC. You can choose a 500mg bottle which is just 2.5mg per drop or 1000mg bottle which is 5mg per drop.

isolate water soluble cbd

Buy water soluble CBD UK from Excite For Life CBD Shop Safely and Securely

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