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5 Underrated CBD Edibles to Boost Your CBD Journey

When we mention CBD edibles, we’re not just talking about CBD gummies. As well as gummies, there are other underrated CBD edibles. Let’s expand our knowledge and awareness surrounding CBD by going through a list of underrated edibles, including underrated gummies.

#5 CBD Marmalade

CBD can be infused with a variety of edibles. Some people are surprised when they see CBD marmalades and CBD jams at our store, so you may be surprised to hear about it too! This CBD marmalade was made with a water soluble broad spectrum CBD oil. The marmalade is non-GMO, vegan and zero-THC. More notably, it has a beautiful citrus taste (and no cannabis taste). Buy CBD marmalade now to spread on your toasts, crumpets, scones and other foods.

#4 CBD Jam

Just like the CBD marmalade, this CBD jam was made with a water soluble broad spectrum oil. The water soluble, unlike CBD oil, has extremely little or no cannabis taste, allowing you to truly enjoy the flavour of the jam. With the jam, you have more options. You can choose from strawberry, raspberry and blueberry flavours. Each flavoured jam is non-GMO, vegan and zero-THC.

#3 CBD Candy Chewables

We believe the candy chewables to be one of the more underrated CBD edibles. These CBD gummies contain around 1mg of CBD per ball, making it very easy to calculate and also making these sweets perfect for children. They’re really tasty, easy to consume and come in various flavours, including strawberry, cola, bubblegum, blackcurrant and apple.

#2 CBD Snack Bar by Nooro

Nooro’s vegan and gluten-free CBD snack bar contains 25mg of CBD oil in each bar. The snack bars combine CBD with adaptogens and nootropics to produce the perfect snack for wellbeing, making it one of the most underrated CBD edibles. You can choose from delicious flavours such as Banana & Cinnamon, Lemon & Ginger and Sour Cherry and Dark Chocolate. If you don’t know which flavour to try first, get the mixed selection.

#1 Anything you want…

The final edible in the list of underrated CBD edibles is… anything you want. Whatever edible you want to make, you can turn it into a CBD edible, including brownies, pancakes, chocolates, pizzas and literally anything else you can think of. You’ll need to buy CBD isolate to start with. Then head on over to our easy CBD edibles recipe guide. We also have a recipe specifically for gummies.


There are numerous ways to take CBD. CBD edibles allow for a more fun, easy and tasty way to incorporate CBD in your life.

CBD gummies are not the only edibles. You can even buy jams and snack bars. You can create your owen edibles. The possibilities are endless.

You should now know about the most underrated CBD edibles and be able to make a decision on which ones to buy.

Learn more about CBD on our blog or informative YouTube channel.

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