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UK CBD Laws Explained – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In this recent CBD Podcast we discuss the UK CBD Laws and how they affect consumers, suppliers and UK Farmers. With the Novel Foods CBD List being finalised on the 1st July 2022 it means that if a CBD Product is not on the list it is not allowed to be sold.

UK CBD Novel Foods Licence

Although we agree with regulation in the UK CBD Industry, we have seen the novel foods legislation strangle the industry. Unfortunately if you weren’t selling CBD Products before Feb 2020 then you have no chance of creating your brand of CBD Products now.

Although the Food Safety Authority seem to have allowed a synthetic cannabinoid manufacturer who weren’t selling prior to 2020 have a license. It seems its one rule for big pharma and another rule for everyone else.

Here at Excite For Life CBD Shop we feel very fortunate that we have been able with help of CBDLife to have some of our products on the Novel Foods CBD List. Unfortunately though the bestselling full spectrum products that are the most effective for pain, sleep and mood have not been allowed.

Some say that the novel foods licence has been created to make the CBD products in the UK so inferior that people will have to use pharmaceuticals as they will have no other option. This is how the UK CBD Laws are at the moment.

Cannabis Laws UK

The laws around cannabis in the UK are fragmented and out of date. Over 100 years ago cannabis was prohibited in the UK and these laws were based on evidence that is just not correct.

As an example currently cannabis is classified as a class B drug under schedule 2 of the misuse of drugs act. This means it has a propensity for abuse and no medicinal value.

uk cbd laws cbd podcast

Obviously this can’t be correct as we are now seeing high THC cannabis available on private prescription in the UK. Furthermore we see Big Pharma companies like GW pharmaceuticals obtaining home office licenses to grow high THC cannabis on a mass scale and make millions from exporting cannabis medicines like Sativex.

So basically if you grow cannabis at home for medical reasons you could face jail because it is scheduled as a drug that has no medicinal value. However you can pay for a private prescription and Big Pharma can make millions selling it as a medicine. Can you see the hypocrisy?

Laws for Hemp UK

Hemp is actually a low THC Sativa Cannabis Plant. The laws for hemp UK mean that if you a farmer who wants to grow a crop they need to obtain a licence from the home office. This is an arduous undertaking costing thousands and tied up in lots of red tape.

We have seen some farmers obtain these licences however the tragedy is that once they have grown their crop they have to destroy half of it. This is because the seeds and the stalk of the hemp plant is legal whereas the flower or bud is illegal.

laws for hemp uk

Most CBD Suppliers in the UK have to import the raw extract from Europe and USA as they are unable to grow hemp here. This will start to prove difficult as MP Kit Malthouse wants to further strangle the industry by only allowing less than 0.01% THC in a batch. This is fair enough if its a 10ml bottle however when importing large quantities of raw hemp material there is no way that the whole batch will only have 0.01%.

In conclusion it seems like the activists fighting for our human rights to be allowed to use hemp/cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes has been thwarted. Our nation will have to suffice with mediocre CBD Products and pay fortunes for private prescriptions for cannabis.

We hope that in the future we as a nation can follow the USA, Canada or Amsterdam’s approach to cannabis so that our health, economy and environment can thrive with this wonderful plant.

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