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Best high strength CBD products

The Best High Strength CBD Products

We all love CBD and the benefits it provides us with. However, as we’re all unique people with different lifestyles, genetics and states of health, we can’t expect the same results for everybody. We know that some people need a higher dosage or strength of CBD to feel any effects. That’s why we’re going to go over some of the best high strength CBD products.

What Are High Strength CBD Products?

On the packaging or labelling of a CBD product, you should be able to see the total milligrams of CBD within the container. Although this indicates the strength of the CBD within, you must look further. A high strength packet doesn’t mean high strength per serving.

Look for the amount of CBD per serving. For example, Sunstate Hemp’s Vegan 1500mg CBD gummies come in three different types.

  • If you purchase the sour dummies, you would get 50 gummies that contain 30mg of CBD each. 50 gummies x 30mg CBD = 1500mg.
  • If you purchase the fizzy stars, you would get 60 gummies that contain 25mg of CBD each. 60 gummies x 25mg CBD = 1500mg.
  • If you purchase the fizzy cherry cola, you would get 100 gummies that contain 15mg of CBD each. 100 gummies x 15mg CBD = 1500mg.

As previously stated, we all need different strengths of CBD before we see effects. For full spectrum products, we recommend starting with around 10mg a day. Gradually increase over time until you find your CBD sweet spot.

Although the term ‘high strength CBD products’ can be fairly subjective, we generally refer to 10mg as a low strength, 20mg as a medium strength and 30mg as high strength for full spectrum products. For broad spectrum, it is double that, e.g. 20mg as the low strength. This is because broad spectrum products contain zero THC so a larger amount is needed to get the same effect as a full spectrum.

High Strength CBD Products

CBD Paste

The CBD paste 500mg full spectrum hemp extract is by far the strongest CBD product we have available. It consists of various compounds such as CBC, CBG and terpenes. There is a strong taste of the hemp plant, so if you’re not a fan of applying paste to your gums, you can put the paste in a capsule and digest it.

This is stronger per serving than a CBD Oil because it is the first extraction from the plant. Manufacturers will refine a CBD paste, taking out compounds and diluting it to infuse into an oil to make a CBD Oil.

cbd paste packet


The CBD Life 2000mg full spectrum CBD oil is a high strength CBD product. CBD has been infused with MCT oil, providing a high quality and effective product. The most effective way to take the oil is sublingually, under the tongue. Each drop consists of 10mg of CBD.

CBD Life oil bottle and box

CBD Gummies

Sun State Hemp’s 3000mg high strength CBD gummy mix is a delicious way of consuming CBD. There are three types: mega mix, fizzy mix and mixed rings. Some gummies, such as the sour strips, are 10mg. Sour worms and clear bears are 20mg. The rings are 30mg. There are a variety of options for our customers.

Sunstate Hemps 1500mg CBD Gummies are also high strength as each ring contains 30mg of full spectrum CBD Oil.

There are vegan options of both the 1500mg tub and the 3000mg tub.

CBD Gummy Mixed rings 3000mg

CBD Vapes

The Excite for Life 500mg high strength CBD e-liquid is a great high strength option for those who enjoy vaping. The 5% concentration also makes this a great option for anyone who wants a larger amount of CBD per puff. Our high strength liquid can be vaped neat or diluted by adding it to other e liquids.

CBDLife 2000mg vape additive needs to be added to an existing e-liquid. It contains 5mg of CBD per drop so you can add as many drops as you like to your vape tank and vape juice.

CBD vape kit from CBD Life contains 400mg of CBD per 1ml cartridge. This is a high strength as if it were in a 10ml bottle it would be 4000mg.

Harmony’s 600mg Cannabis E Liquid is also a high strength vape that can be used on its own in any type of vape pen.

CBD Capsules

The Excite for Life 750mg full spectrum capsules are a great option for anybody wanting high strength CBD products, but do not like the taste of hemp. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD.

750mg CBD capsules full spectrum

The Best High Strength CBD Products for You

So now that you’re aware of some of the best high strength CBD products, it’s time for you to choose which is the best for you.

The best product for you comes down to what your preferences are. There is a lot more to consider than you may initially think.

Do you have any dietary requirements, e.g. halal, vegan, gluten-free? Check which products are suitable.

Do you dislike the taste of hemp? The gummies and capsules may be the better option for you.
Consider the fact that when digesting CBD, some CBD is lost in the process. When taking CBD oil sublingually, it is faster-acting and is more bioavailable as it is absorbed through the mucus membranes.

Are you a fan of vaping? If so, the CBD e-liquid might be a great option, especially since it is the quickest way of getting CBD into the body. However, the effects only last for an hour so you may need to vape several times a day.

If you want the strongest product to get the job done, we would recommend the paste. Our customers LOVE the CBD paste. If you don’t like the strong taste, you can take it in a capsule rather than applying it on your gums.

If you already have a CBD product and feel like it isn’t making a difference, then increase the amount you are taking until you find the right dosage for your body. Don’t worry, you can’t overdose on CBD!

We hope we’ve been able to help you decide the best high strength CBD products to further your CBD journey. Head over to the Excite for Life CBD shop for even more high quality CBD products.

Feel free to watch our videos on Facebook and YouTube to learn more about CBD, including the basics, how to take CBD and more.


  1. Rod Leiper

    Just placed another order! Amazing results so far – Think I will be sticking with these. Take care and keep staying safe

    1. Thats brilliant, hope they continue to work for you! Thanks for your kind words, you stay safe too 🙂

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