Soft Gel CBD Capsules – Full Spectrum – From Sunstate Hemp


CBD Soft Gels are an ideal way to get an exact dosage of Full Spectrum CBD Oil.
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Sun State Hemp Soft Gel CBD Capsules are an easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily diet. Their Premium, Organic, Full Spectrum CBD Oil Capsule has been encased in a unique gelatine coating that protects the oil from air and light. This allows your body to absorb the highest quality CBD Oil effectively and efficiently.

soft gel capsules from sunstate hemp

These CBD Capsules are small in size which makes them easier to swallow. Furthermore they have an exact dosage of either 10mg or 25mg CBD so you know precisely how much CBD you have taken. These are an easy and simple way to take your CBD Food Supplement.

How to Use Soft Gel CBD Capsules

When we digest CBD it usually takes around an hour to travel through the digestive process before it is metabolised by the liver. Although we do loose a small proportion of CBD in this process, it is the longest lasting method of consumption lasting in the system for around 8 hours.

If you are new to CBD then it’s always best to start on 10mg a day. This would equate to 1 capsule a day. If after several days you feel it necessary you can increase to 20mg a day which would be 2 capsules. These could be taken either at the same time or you may prefer to to take 1 in the morning and 1 later in the afternoon.

You can’t overdose on cbd oil capsules so it is just listening to your body and increasing gradually if you feel it necessary. We all have different bodies and therefore need different amounts.  It is recommended by the Food Safety Authority not to exceed 70mg in a day.

Strengths Available

You can choose from two different strengths of 150mg or 600mg. This is the total amount of CBD in MG in the packet.

150mg = 6 x 25mg CBD Oil Capsules

600mg = 60 x 10mg CBD Oil Capsules


Sun State Hemp – Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil



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6 x 25mg = 150mg, 60 x 10mg = 600mg