Mushroom Blend Capsules – 90 Caps- 6 Medicinal Mushrooms



Our clean Mushroom Blend capsule combines all 6 of our premium mushroom extracts in one, easy to swallow vegan capsule. The capsule contains equal amounts of Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Chaga and Reishi mushroom. Now that’s Mushroom Power!

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mushroom blend capsules
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Our clean Mushroom Blend capsules only contain active ingredients, no fillers or binders making these a premium and potent mushroom blend.

Furthermore instead of using the whole mushroom like some other companies we use an extract. This is because using the full mushroom will likely mean you cant get a high enough dosage in each capsule therefore using an extract means we can add 15 x more of the active ingredient into each capsule.

For example, if there is 400mg of extract contained within the capsule, there’s 15x the amount of active ingredient stored in it (6000mg)! This is why we say the product is made using a 15:1 Extract.

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6 Mushroom Blend Capsule Ingredients

Lions Mane Mushrooms

lions mane mushroom cut in half


reishi mushroom


cordyceps mushrooms


shiitake mushroom

-Turkey Tail

turkeytail mushroom


chaga mushroom

How to Use Vegan Mushroom Blend Capsules

As a food supplement take 1 capsule a day preferably with food or as directed by a healthcare professional.