CBD Vape Liquid From Canabidol


CBD Vape Liquid from Canabidol™

This is an excellent CBD Vape to start your CBD Journey with.

Developed with our industry leading 75% extract, the pleasant flavour of this Vape Liquid comes completely from cannabis extracted from our high potency Cannabis Sativa L.

As this product has a small amount of PG/VG it can be used in any type of vape pen and mixed with any e-juice if you prefer.

Available in three strengths: 100mg, 250mg and 500mg

All products are below 0.01% THC



CBD Vape Liquid

CBD Vape Liquid taste’s great on its own, or added to the e-juice you currently use. We offer three different strengths; 100mg, 250mg and 500mg, enabling you to pick your desired potency. We would always recommend starting from the lowest dosage of CBD, and working your way up until you find the optimum strength and dosage that works for you as an individual.

Canabidol™ CBD Vape Liquid has been created using Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. CBD isolate is an all-natural cannabinoid supplement made from refined hemp oil, all the unwanted plant extracts and waxes (found in full CBD extracts) have been removed. Therefore it guarantees a smooth CBD vape and taste.

We have made sure the liquid doesn’t have the harsh, overly earthly taste associated with the vast majority of other CBD vape liquids available on the market today.

Our industry leading CBD e liquid represents great value for money, in addition to this we provide lab reports for each batch produced in the interest of complete transparency for our valued customers.

How to Use

The bottle comes with an easy to dose pipette and clear instructions on the box for dosage.

As an example the 250mg CBD Vape has 25mg CBD in each full pipette. All you do is add this to your Vape Pen and away you go.

You are able to mix this with nicotine or any type of vape juice.

When we vape CBD it quickly enters the bloodstream therefore lasting in the system for around an hour.

This is why vaping CBD is great if you are on the go for that fast CBD Delivery.

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