CBD Isolate with Terpenes 90%


Strain-specific terpenes have been infused into Isolates to create great flavours.
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We infused our CBD Isolate with terpenes from strain specific terpene profiles to create a wonderfully flavourful and effective product.

CBD Isolate made from Co2 extracted hemp extract. This is the most refined hemp extract available which contains only CBD. The isolate is then reintroduced to a terpene profile to give it its gorgeous smell and flavour. Comes in a black plastic storage pot with a removable silicone liner.

Dabbing is associated with the vaporization of cannabis concentrates (in our case, CBD). It comes in wax or hard form and once applied to a hot surface like our dab pen, it can be inhaled.

Click Here to see the easy to use Dab Pen you can buy for this 

You can inhale vast quantities of CBD with a smooth draw when dabbing. It’s basically smoking in short, strong bursts of a smaller yet more concentrated form of CBD.


How to Use CBD Isolate with Terpenes Video

Watch this video on YouTube.

  • Vaporising
  • Dabbing
  • DIY E-Liquid
  • Adding to a carrier oil for oral and topical use
  • Making your own edibles.

For maximum effect it is best to vaporise our CBD concentrates. If you do not have an appropriate concentrate vaporiser, making your own DIY e-liquids is a great alternative.






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