CBD Raw Paste 500mg


Purple Dank have infused their raw CBD paste with Indica and Sativa Terpenes. This is a high quality paste you will love. 

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stardawg raw cbd paste 500mg
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Purple Dank offers a unique terpene-infused CBD raw paste that comes in an easy-to-use syringe applicator.

This raw CBD paste is made using a special formulation that includes gold extract and cannabis-derived terpenes. The terpenes have been carefully selected and extracted to enhance the wide range of flavour strains within the Purple Dank collection.

Terpene Profiles 

Purple Dank CBD Raw Paste offers the option to choose between indica or sativa terpenes. Indica terpenes are known for providing a more relaxing effect on the body, while Sativas are known for their energizing properties. So, depending on your preference, you can select the terpenes that suit your needs and experience the benefits of this CBD paste.

Dogwalker OG – Indica 

Biscotti – Indica 

Granddaddy Purple – Indica 

Gelato – Indica 

Zkittlez – Indica 

Skywalker OG – Indica 

Sour Diesel – Indica/Sativa Mix

Girl Scout Cookies Indica/Sativa Mix 

Super Silver Haze – Sativa 

Tangerine Dream – Sativa 

Stardawg – Sativa 

super silver haze raw cbd paste 500mg

All components used in this raw CBD paste are CO2 extracted, organic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and free from harmful chemicals.

With 500mg CBD per 0.5g and 1000mg of CBD per 1g, this original terpene-infused raw CBD paste is best utilized by taking a small amount orally.

It is fully lab tested and safety checked, and contains 100% cannabis-derived terpenes with a THC content of less than 0.2%. Choose from a wide range of flavour strains to find the perfect fit for you.

How to Take CBD Paste Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 15%

It can be taken in three different ways

1.) Lift lips and apply to your gums – this tastes very strongly of cannabis so if you don’t like the taste then best have a cup of water handy.

2.) Add a small amount to a capsule and swallow with water- Again small amounts as I filled a cap half full and ended up having an afternoon nap. 20 Empty Capsules are provided.

3.) Suppository – Ok so putting something inside your bum might not be everyone’s cup of tea however this is the best way to get optimum absorption.

We always suggest to start on a low amount and increase gradually until you get to your own personal CBD sweetspot.

It’s not as easy to dose with CBD Raw Paste which is why we recommend it to advanced users ie you’ve used CBD before and know how MG you are taking each day.

The CBD Raw Paste has 5 large markers with 5 smaller markers within them. Each small marker accounts for 20mg of CBD. It can be difficult to see these markers as full spectrum CBD hemp Paste is a blackish colour.

Therefore we suggest using a size of a grain of rice to start which is roughly around 10mg. You can add this directly to your gums twice a day to give you 20mg.

Alternatively, you could put 2 sizes of a grain of rice into the capsule provided and take once a day.

After 7 days if you feel it necessary you can increase the amount by double. You increase gradually over time until you get to your personal CBD Sweetspot as we all need different amounts. If you have any questions about whole plant CBD Paste 500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 15%, feel free to get in contact with us.

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Dogwalker OG, Gelato, Grandaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, Biscotti, Girl Scout Cookies, Skywalker OG, Stardawg, Super Silver Haze, Tangerine Dream, Zkittlez