CBD Party Box 25% Off Plus 20% Off Future Orders


This box has over £400 of the Best Selling CBD Products from leading UK CBD Suppliers. Not only do you get a whopping 25% off but you also get 20% off all future orders.

Yes, Yes, Yes you can save and earn 20% commission on CBD Products that actually support peoples physical, mental and emotional health.

Help your friends and family feel the wellbeing that CBD is bringing to the masses.

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What’s in the CBD Party Box?


This carefully selected range of the highest quality CBD Products will not only support your health but also your friends and family’s health too.

The array of CBD in this box is a selection of our best selling CBD products. CBD that people buy time and time again because it works for them as it works for me.

Does CBD work for you too?

We have selected the very best selling CBD Oils, CBD Vapes, CBD Creams and CBD Edibles. These CBD Products sell like hotcakes so you can earn commissions whilst knowing you’re helping your friends and family to feel better too.

Terms and Conditions Apply Please see below

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These are the leading UK CBD Suppliers all in one cost-effective CBD Box. You can buy this box for your own personal use or share with it with loved ones and earn 20% commissions.

This box has around 4000mg CBD

If you use 25mg CBD per day this box will last you nearly 6 months. That’s only £1.66 a day! I’m sure you will agree £1.66 a day for wellbeing is a bargain !!!

UK CBD Industry

The amount of CBD users in the UK has doubled in the last 12 months to over 250,000 and it’s growing fast.

So why is everyone raving about CBD?

Well if you have used CBD before you will know why and if you haven’t used CBD you only need to look on the internet to find an abundance of testimonials. People who have benefited significantly from adding CBD to their diet to feed their ECS System.

When we feed our ECS system with CBD our ECS system, in turn, does many wonderful things including regulating and balancing our

Pain Sensation




Sleep patterns

Immune Function

Protects the Nervous System

Now the words ‘pyramid selling’ and ‘network marketing’ can cause people to shudder and it’s no surprise why. Who wants to hassle their friends and family to buy products that they often don’t really want or need??

Well, that’s not the case with CBD, believe me when I say CBD is a product that people genuinely want and need. You don’t need to sell CBD because people want to buy it.

There’s a lot of confusion out there about CBD and people need to understand how it works and also try it to see if they like it… which they usually do. What better way to do this than to speak to someone they know and trust. Someone like you.

What Happens When I Buy A CBD Box

Maybe you just want to receive 20% off all future CBD orders for yourself and if you do that’s totally fine. All CBD Products on this site will be automatically 20% cheaper when you log into your account.

However, maybe you would like to provide CBD to your loved ones and earn some extra cash whilst helping them support their health and wellbeing.

If that’s you then I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Full Training with CBD Woman

As seen on Youtube

CBD Party Box 25% Off Plus 20% Off Future Orders 13

I’ve been using and selling CBD products for well over a year now and I’ve tried and tested lots of different types of CBD. As a member of the cannabis trades association, I’m fortunate to meet and learn from the leading industry experts who are pioneering the UK CBD Industry.

I’ve gained lots of knowledge about this wonderful plant not only learning about it but also experiencing it and I’m able to share all of that with you.

You’ll Receive

  • Monthly One to One coaching call with Rachael (first 50 distributors)
  • Access to CBD Party Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Product Training Webinars
  • Weekly Self Development Webinars

The first 50 boxes bought will have one to one training with myself so that you can hit the road running and confidently provide the best CBD products for your friends and family. Then it’s just being available for them to order CBD from you again and again and again and again …..

Do you remember when house prices were at an all-time low?

Where you one of the people that said years later …. I wish I’d of got in at the right time?

The CBD Industry is taking off at a phenomenal rate and this is definitely the right time to get in it. This will be the very first UK CBD Network Marketing Company and I’m confident TOGETHER we can make it the best.

I’m sure by now that you not only want to support your own health and wellbeing but also help those you love too. There’s no better feeling than when you help someone and they are truly grateful.

Plus let’s be honest its always great to get some extra cash to treat your loved ones with. Including yourself.

Buy this box NOW and join me in my mission to share the wellbeing that CBD brings

Terms and Conditions

Only 1 box allowed per-person

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• Consistency, as with any supplement, is key for success.
• Sensitive to flavours? Feel free to mix your oil into your favourite food or drink.
• Store in a cool dry place.
• 30mL bottle contains 30 1mL servings or 60 .5mL servings. The dropper on all 30mL bottles holds .5mL of oil
• 100mL bottle contains 100 1mL servings.The dropper on all 100mL bottles holds 1mL of oil
• Dropper use: Gently squeeze the rubber end and release. The dropper will be half full which indicates a “full dropper”. (Oil will not fill the entire dropper)

0/5 (0 Reviews)


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