CBD Isolate 99% from CBDLife 1000mg


CBD Isolate 99%

CBD Isolate made from hemp extract. This is available in 1g pots. CBD isolate can be used for baking, dabbing or adding to your own e-liquid.

Its the purest form of CBD and being CO2 Extracted its also the cleanest.

All products are below 0.01% THC

CBD Isolate Description

Made from Industrial Hemp that has been Co2 extracted, this is the most refined hemp extract available which contains only CBD. CBD Isolate looks like crystals that have been finely ground for ease of use. However it can be recrystallized if necessary. Comes in a glass storage pot.


How to use CBD Isolate

How to Use CBD Crystals Video

Make your own CBD Vape Liquid

To make your own CBD Vape Liquid all you need to do is mix Isolate with E-liquid.

We suggest for a low strength mixing 100mg CBD Isolate with 10ml of E-Liquid. A 70PG/30VG Ratio Split is best. So as an example in a 10ml bottle you would add 7 ml of PG and 3 ml of VG.

Once you have added these together add the sealed bottle to some hot water and allow the isolate to dissolve. The heat needs to be below 60 degrees celsius, so not boiling or it will burn the CBD.

Once its been dissolved you can add it to your vape pen and enjoy.

Make Your Own CBD Oil

To make your own CBD Oil all you have to do is mix isolate with your chosen oil. For example you could choose Olive Oil, Hemp Oil or Coconut Oil.

To make a low strength Oil we would suggest adding 250mg CBD Isolate to 10ml of Oil. It is best to add the oil to 10ml glass bottle that has a pipette and this would likely give you a dosage of 1.25mg per drop.

Combine the oil and the CBD Isolate in a sealed bottle and add to hot water. The water needs to be below 60 degrees celsius so it doesnt burn the CBD.

After ten minutes the CBD Crystals should have dissolved and then you can add drops under your tongue.

Make your own CBD Edibles

To make your own Edibles all you need to do is add Isolate to Butter.

To make a low Strength CBD Butter add 250mg CBD Isolate to 250grams of butter. You will then know that you have 1mg CBD isolate per 1 gram of butter.

Melt the butter on a low heat. Remove from the heat once melted and add the Isolate. Once it has dissolved you can put it in a container and leave in the fridge until set. Then its upto you if you want to make brownies, cookies or just spread on some toast.

Dabbing CBD Crystals

To Dab CBD Crystals you will firstly need a Dab Pen or a Dab Rig. These are similar to a pipe except instead of burning the crystals they are vaporised making it a clean method of consumption.

If you wish to have the flavours of your favourite cannabis profiles, we offer our terpene infused crystals just CLICK HERE 

To learn more about Dabbing CBD Crystals you can read this article 

Watch this video to learn how to use a Dab Pen 



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