CBD Drink with Hibiscus, Raspberry, Rooibos and Vanilla


CBD Cordial 90mg – 5 mg per serving with added Vitamins

This is a really versatile CBD drink for children and adults. It can be used hot or cold, at the gym or even added to your favourite alcoholic drink as a mixer.

Infused with Water Soluble Full Spectrum CBD Extract and extra vitamins this juicy CBD Cordial is healthy, delightful and safe for all the family. 5mg of highly bioavailable CBD with each serving.

All products are below 0.01% THC

CBD Drink 100% Natural

This CBD Drink flavour is a refreshing, delicious, all-natural fruit syrup that contains health giving nutritional supplements that will help you enjoy life to the full, with Maximum energy and vitality.

How to make CBD Drink

Dilute 1part (28ml) syrup with 8 parts of still or sparkling water to give you a 250ml serving that contains 5mg of full spectrum soluble CBD

Made with natural fruit flavours, botanical extracts and added health supplements for energy and vitality.
Each 500ml bottle contains 90mg or more of patented soluble hemp CBD extract with added vitamins B3, B6, B7, B12. And provides 18 Daily 250ml servings at £1.44 per drink. Making it the most cost-effective CBD drink today.

Soluble Hemp CBD extract contains CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids as well as beneficial terpenes and flavonoids. Six times more efficient absorption into the bloodstream than CBD hemp oil, for maximum health and wellbeing benefits and the very best value available. This means that you get 5mg CBD that is like having 30mg of CBD from a normal CBD Oil.

All our drinks use EU approved strains of hemp which contains less than 0.01% THC.

Our Lab Reports for a 500ml bottle are in the pictures. Remember there are 18 daily servings in each bottle!!!

About O’Shaughnessy CBD Drinks Company

Tony who created this delicious drink is one of the most ethical and environmentally conscious people I’ve met. He has a no plastic policy so all bottles are made of glass and he also only uses natural and traditional ingredients to deliver to you a healthy drink the whole family can enjoy.

Because it is in a glass bottle all orders are sent special delivery next day at no extra postage cost for you.


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Dilute 1part (28ml) syrup with 8 parts of still or sparkling water to give you a 250ml serving that contains 5mg of full spectrum soluble CBD


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