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Please find Payment Information for purchasing CBD Products from Excite For Life CBD Shop.

Debit or Credit Card

Our customers can purchase CBD with widely used credit or debit cards through either Vivawallet or Paytriot, two popular payment gateways. Both accept most cards out there; however, Vivawallet seems to be the better option for most international customers.

We use two different payment gateways just in case some companies decide to prevent us from using their service. As we operate in the cannabis industry, this is the unfortunate reality we face.

Direct Bank Transfer

Rather than using a payment gateway, feel free to directly transfer the money from your bank to ours. We just ask you to use the order ID as the payment reference.


We’re trying to keep up with the times, and it seems like the world of digital money and cryptocurrencies is becoming our reality. Feel free to pay with Bitcoin!

Payment Information bitcoin
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We accept cash payments at our CBD Shop in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire.

There are plenty of ways in which you can pay unfortunately Paypal will not allow the sale of CBD however if this changes in the future we will implement this method.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

UK Shipping

£3.50 MyHermes or £7.65 Royal Mail Next Day

International Shipping

£12.50 Flatrate for Tracked International Shipping

30 Day Returns

30 days money back guarantee

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Paytriot / Viva Wallet / Bitcoin / Direct Bank Transfer / Cash