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mental health awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week – 5 Tips for Better Mental Health

Mental health awareness week, a time dedicated to increasing public awareness of mental health problems, is on the week commencing 9th May 2022.

We can’t begin to explain the importance of looking after your mental health. Therefore, in light of mental health awareness week, we thought it would be a great idea to provide some tips for better mental health.

#1 Improving Physical Health

Your physical and mental health both affect one another. If you don’t look after your mind and your state of mind is poor, you may not have the motivation or desire to look after your body. If you don’t look after your body, you’ll likely feel worse. Of course, the healthier you are, the better you will feel.

Start improving your physical and mental health by making small, positive steps in the right direction. Can you start going to the gym? Or at least start taking frequent walks? What about improving your diet? You should certainly drink plenty of water. What about taking vitamins or food supplements? CBD is a wonderful food supplement for health and wellbeing, that’s why we’re so dedicated to not only selling high-quality CBD products, but also educating people about it.

There are plenty of small improvements you can make that will make a huge difference over time.

#2 Connect with People

As social creatures, we need human connection and meaningful relationships. Unfortunately, in the modern world, we’re as lonely as ever and that is because many of us are not as connected with people as we should be.

Get out there, start meeting and talking to people more, whether it’s your friends or family or work colleagues. Consider hitting up an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while. You will, without a doubt, start feeling better over time as you develop your relationships.

It always helps to find some people you can really trust and let your feelings out to. Sharing your feelings with those you trust seems to help. I guess that’s part of being a social creature.

mental health awareness week social connection
Photo by ELEVATE

#3 Unplug from Technology

One of the main reasons people are lonelier than ever is because of technology. Instead of going out and meeting people, we seem to be locked away in our video games, TV shows and social media.

You’re giving your brain so much instant gratification that it results in less motivation and desire to socialise and do other fulfilling activities. This in turn harms your mental health because you’re not doing what you actually want to do.

Technology is extremely useful and can provide a lot of fun, but you need to unplug from it at times. If you’re out with friends, leave your phone zipped away in your pocket. Where you would normally spend hours watching TV, playing video games or scrolling through social media, dedicate some of that time to meeting people, going for a walk, exercising or engaging in other useful, fulfilling activities.

#4 Learn To be Present

When we feel anxiety, sadness or various other negative emotions, it is related to the past or the future. For example, you may feel sad about something that happened in the past or feel extremely worried and anxious about an upcoming event.

Make an attempt to start living in the present. Whatever activities you’re doing in the present, try to actively and consciously engage. We suggest practising mindfulness or other forms of meditation. Don’t you think it’s about time you have more control over your mind and thoughts?

Another thing you can do to start living in the present is removing distractions. Start decluttering where you spend a lot of time such as your bedroom and workspace. Try to be more tidy and organised. This in turn will help declutter your mind.


Unfortunately, many people don’t get anywhere near as much sleep as they should. Sleep matters so much more than most believe. Your body needs to rest and recharge for the following set of waking hours. A few hours of sleep is not healthy. It isn’t good for your physical or mental health.

There are many tactics you could use to try and get more sleep and more high-quality sleep. One thing you can do is turn off devices up to an hour before bed. Don’t engage your brain with so much stimulation and also the blue light from screens has been proven to affect sleep.

I would list more tips but I would be repeating myself. Instead, you can check out our post on 5 quick tips to sleep better.

mental health awareness week sleeping cat
Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash


As it is mental health awareness week, please discuss and spread awareness about mental health. Whether you want to share this post, talk about your own mental health, help somebody with their mental health or discuss mental health in general, please do your part. And mental health shouldn’t just be talked about during mental health awareness week but for the rest of the year too!

5 tips for better mental health:

  1. Improving physical health
  2. Connect with people
  3. Unplug from technology
  4. Learn to be present
  5. SLEEP
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