How to Use CBD – The 4 Different Ways- Beginners Guide

How to Use CBD – The 4 Different Ways- Beginners Guide

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There are 4 different ways to take CBD and each has its own benefits. 

  • Digesting
  • Topically
  • Sublingually
  • Inhalation

The first way is by ingestion.

Ingestion is the most common method for taking daily supplements and vitamins.

You can digest Edibles, Capsules or CBD Drinks

When we digest CBD it usually takes an hour to pass through the digestive process. Once it has been metabolized by the liver it lasts in the system for around 8 hours. 

This is the longest lasting method.

The second way is topically.

The active ingredients in CBD Creams means they are easily absorbed into the skin. This is ideal if you want to target a specific area.  

The third way is sublingually.

This is where you apply directly under the tongue or on the gums. You can try CBD oils, Gel Tabs,  Sprays or Paste.

When we apply to the mouth it absorbs through the mucous membranes therefore bypassing the digestive system. This means it only takes 15 minutes to reach the bloodstream.

It usually lasts around 4 hours which is why some take it twice a day.

The fourth way is with inhalation.

This can be either vaporizing or dabbing

This is the fastest way to get it into the bloodstream. It is absorbed through the lungs within minutes. Usually lasts around 1 hour.

The 4 Different Ways Video

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