How to Take CBD Paste – Methods, Dosage and Benefits

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CBD paste comes from the first extraction of the hemp plant, making it stronger than most other CBD products. Most CBD manufacturers will remove compounds from the paste and add a carrier oil to it to make CBD oils. Excite for Life’s CBD paste is the raw extract where nothing has been added or removed, making it much stronger. The extract of the whole plant usually comes in a plastic syringe and is squeezed out as a thick consistency, hence the name paste. 

As it is extracted from industrial hemp, it will contain up to 0.2% THC, CBD, terpenes, essential oils and also the rest of the minor phytocannabinoids from the plant. Therefore when using a CBD paste, you will benefit from the entourage effect. This is where all the cannabinoids work in synergy together and have a greater impact.

The general ruling for the dosage is the same across all methods. We suggest starting with a small amount – a size of a grain of rice, which is around 10mg of CBD. If you believe you need a higher dosage, gradually increase the amount as you feel necessary.

People often opt for the CBD paste when they believe they need a stronger CBD product. Maybe they’re not experiencing much effects with their current products or they now need a stronger dose. If this is the case for you, continue reading to learn how to take CBD paste.

Rub Over Gums

When asked how to take CBD paste by our customers, we first suggest applying the paste to their gums. Lift your top lip and wipe the paste on the top gum, rubbing it in with your top lip.  Although CBD paste can be put under the tongue, we suggest avoiding it as it has a thick consistency.

Benefit: The CBD should then be in the bloodstream within around 15 minutes via the mucous membranes.

CBD paste
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Put in Capsules

As the paste has a very strong, earthy taste, we recommend having the capsules instead if you don’t like the taste. Push the paste from its syringe into a capsule and proceed to swallow it with water and digest it. Excite for Life provides capsules with our paste.

Benefit: You don’t have to taste the CBD paste if you don’t like it.

Swallowing CBD Paste

Alternatively, you could put the paste on your tongue and swallow it without putting it in a capsule. When swallowing paste without a capsule, we suggest washing it down with water.

Benefit: You’re able to quickly swallow the paste without needing to put it in a capsule or keeping it in your mouth.

Take CBD Paste With Food

You can also swallow and digest CBD paste by putting it over your food in small amounts. However, please note that the paste is very strong tasting and could potentially ruin your dining experience.

Benefit: Enjoy your favourite meals whilst getting CBD into your system.

Take CBD Paste Rectally

This may not have been what you were expecting when thinking about how to take CBD paste, but you can take paste rectally. To do this, pour the appropriate amount of paste into a gummy mold. Warm up coconut oil. Then, pour and mix the coconut oil into the mold and proceed to put the mold in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, you’ve made your own CBD pessary. You can then take it out and put it in your rectum.

Benefit: As the rectum is full of blood vessels, taking paste rectally is the best way to get optimum absorption.

We hope you know how to take CBD paste. There are several different ways, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Using your newfound knowledge, buy and try CBD paste for yourself!

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