How to Get a UK Medical Cannabis Prescription

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Although UK Medical Cannabis Prescriptions have been available since November 2018 not many people have been able to access it. GP’s unfortunately had not been given the support they needed to confidently prescribe medicinal cannabis and people have felt understandably frustrated. Scroll down to watch a video to learn How to get a prescription for medical cannabis in the UK.

Three years down the line we are finally starting to see legal medical cannabis clinics successfully prescribing cannabis for a variety of  conditions.

If you have wondered how to get a prescription for medical cannabis in the UK you have come to the right place. In this video I speak with Sarina a prescribing pharmacist from The Medical Cannabis Clinic.


Watch this video on YouTube.

1.) Which conditions qualify for a medical cannabis prescription UK ?

If you have tried two licensed pharmaceutical medications for your condition and you are still suffering then you may qualify.  The main conditions that qualify are

  • Pain Conditions

pain conditions for medical cannabis prescriptions uk

  • Neurological Conditions

neurological conditions qualifying for medical cannabis uk

  • Psychiatric Conditions

psychiatric conditions for medical cannabis uk

  • Gastroenterological Conditions

gastroenterological conditions for medical cannabis uk

  • Cancer-Oncological Conditions

cancer conditions qualifying for medical cannabis prescription uk

  • Paediatric

paediatric conditions for medical cannabis

  • Palliative Care

palliative care conditions for medical cannabis uk

2.) How to apply for a prescription and what the costs are

The first step is to contact the Medical Cannabis Clinic You will be asked some questions and a consultation will be arranged. The first consultation cost is £70 and there will be an additional cost for your prescription. 

Female Doctor showing medical cannabis oil to patient over zoom

Once you have received your prescription you will then have a follow up appointment that costs £65. This is with a specialist for your specific condition to see how you are responding to the medical cannabis prescription U.K.

For every repeat prescription there is  a £30 charge plus the cost of the medication.

It is understandable that not everyone will have the funds to pay these costs. Feel assured that if you are on a low income you can contact Project 21 who may be able to help subsidise the costs.

3.) What type of cannabis products are available

The two main cannabis products available on prescription from the Medical Cannabis Clinic are cannabis flower or sublingual oil. Your doctor will assess your condition and prescribe a product depending on your symptoms.

If you are prescribed cannabis flower then you will be given information on how to vape it. It  is not recommended to smoke cannabis as smoking has its own health implications.

medical cannabis flower

Sublingual Cannabis Oils are easily dripped under the tongue.

prescription Sublingual cannabis oil

Although medical cannabis prescriptions UK are 100% Legal, Cannabis still falls under the Misuse of Drugs Act and is illegal. We therefore recommend MedcannidThis is a free identity card you can show to police if necessary to prove you have a legal prescription for your cannabis. 

Please remember medical cannabis is prescribed as a last resort. Licensed pharmaceutical medication must have been used first and your GP needs to be in agreement with this natural alternative.

Medical Cannabis does contain high levels of THC which is the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant. If you do not want to feel ‘high’ then using a CBD Product may be better for you. You can buy CBD from our CBD Shop in Bradford or our UK online CBD Store  

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