How to Dab CBD

How to Dab CBD

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CBD Dabbing is growing in popularity and so many people now choose is as their preferred method of delivering CBD into their body’s ECS system.

What You’ll Need:

To dab CBD we’ll need three things:

  1. A Dab Rig
  2. CBD Crystals
  3. A Dabber Rod

The Dabber Rod isn’t essential, but we reccomend you get one as it makes it tonnes easier to pick the crystals up.

What is a Dab Rig? How does it Work?

The Dab Ring consists of three main elements. The Glass Pipe, the Nail and a Lighter.

Unlike the traditional method of smoking, say, a pipe or a bong, a Dab Rig isn’t designed to set the concentrate (i.e. crystals, shatter or wax) on fire.

Instead, the nail gets heated up by a torch lighter. This then, when the concentrate is added, creates a vapour that you inhale.

The guaranteed effectiveness of dabbing is what has led it to grow in popularity. It enters the bloodstream almost immediately.

Another reason is that inhaling vapour, as opposed to smoke, is a much healthier option. Dabbing and vaping are closely related. Dabbing refers to specifically inhaling vapour that’s produced by heating up a herb concentrate.

Got a New Dab Rig?

When you first buy a Dab Rig you will need to prime the nail.

To do this, heat the nail and then allow it to cool before you are ready to start using the Dab Rig.

Ready to Get Dabbing?

  1. Before you start, have your CBD Concentrate ready on the tip of the Dabber Rod. This means that once your nail is ready to go, you aren’t losing any heat before placing in the crystals.
  2. Fill the base of the glass pipe with water.
  3. Heat the nail. For this, we reccomend a large, flame thrower style lighter or a blow torch.
  4. Once it’s started heating, add some concentrated CBD to it. You don’t need a large amount in order for this to work effectively.
  5. Give a little time for the vapour to come out of the glass pipe.
  6. You’re ready to go!

Want to see our first attempt at Dabbing CBD?

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