How to Calculate CBD Dosage -Holland and Barrett Example

How to Calculate CBD Dosage -Holland and Barrett Example

How to Calculate CBD Dosage

I’ll show you how to calculate CBD Dosage so that when you buy a CBD Oil you know you are buying the best CBD Oil for you.

No matter who you are or your reasons for using CBD we all start on the same amount of between 0-25mg a day.

In my experience, the vast majority of people are fine to start on 10mg CBD a day. However, if you are sensitive to supplements or feel wary then by all means just start with 5 mg.

After 7 days we can then double the amount we are using and 7 days later we can double again if we feel it necessary. The maximum daily allowance for CBD in the UK is 200mg.

When you buy a cbd oil the CBD supplier will give you some dosage instructions on the label. However, these are only guidelines as they don’t know how much CBD you need and neither do I. The only person who knows what’s best for you …. is you. And you find this out by starting on a small amount and increasing gradually.

There are some theories of thought that CBD Dosage is calculated based on your body weight.

There isn’t any science to back this theory up though and that’s because we are all wonderfully unique.

There are so many differences between us that you can’t give a one size fits all dosage. It’s not possible and that’s because there are so many differences

  • Different Bodies
  • Different Lifestyles
  • Different Current States of Health
  • Different Past Health conditions

Plus we also add more variety by

  • Using Different CBD Suppliers
  • Different CBD Oil Strengths
  • Different Qualities of CBD Oil

So no matter why we are starting CBD we all start small and gradually increase. Listening to our bodies and adjusting accordingly.

To do this though we need to know how many MG we are taking so then we can decide if we want to increase or decrease the dosage. Or we may decide to change CBD Brands. To choose an alternative CBD Oil you first need to know how much CBD in MG you are currently using.

Reputable CBD Suppliers will give this information on the label so you don’t need to calculate it yourself. As you can see here with Canabidols 500mg CBD Oil.

How to Calculate CBD Dosage -Holland and Barrett Example 1

How to Calculate CBD Dosage -Holland and Barrett Example 2

You get 20 servings of 25mg so this would last 20 days if you used 25mg a day or 10 days if you used 50mg a day.

Holland and Barrett CBD Oil Dosage Calculation

If the CBD oil doesn’t give you the amount of MG CBD you get per serving then here is a calculation for you to work it out for yourself. I’ll use the 2.75% CBD Oil from Holland and Barrett as an example.

How to Calculate CBD Dosage -Holland and Barrett Example 3

Firstly we need to take the total MG of CBD in the bottle

Second, we divide this by the number of drops or pipettes in the bottle

This then gives us MG CBD Per drop/pipette

275mg CBD In Total

240 drops In Total

= 1.14 mg CBD per drop

So if you want to use 10mg a day you will need 10 drops

I hope you’ve found this helpful in calculating how much CBD to use.

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