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CBD oil bottle with hemp leaves (how much CBD should I take in a day)

How Much CBD Should I Take Each Day? Facebook Live Video

In this Facebook live video and article I answer the question How Much CBD Should I Take Each Day?  You will understand how easy it is to add a CBD Food supplement to your daily diet to give yourself the gift of wellbeing.

We are all wonderfully unique and therefore we all need different amounts when we take CBD. We have different lifestyle, health conditions and reasons for using CBD.

Depending on why you want to use CBD will depend on the way you take it. We can Vape it, digest it, apply it under the tongue or use it topically as a cream.

Here we will answer the question How Much CBD Should I take Each Day and focus on CBD Oils and CBD Edibles. This is because they are the longest lasting methods of consumption.

Minimum and Maximum Daily CBD Allowance

Its recommended in the UK not to exceed 70mg in a day. This is a large amount and really isn’t necessary for the majority of people. Daily CBD Allowance will differ for each individual as we all need different amounts.

How Much Full Spectrum CBD Should I Take A Day?

We suggest to start on 10mg a day as an adult if you are using a full spectrum product and see how you feel before increasing. If after a few days you want a better effect you can increase to 20mg a day. Keep increasing gradually until you get to your CBD Sweet Spot.

How Much Broad Spectrum CBD Should I Take A Day?

If you are choosing to use a broad spectrum CBD product that contains zero THC you will need to take a larger amount as they are not as effective as full spectrum. We therefore suggest to start on double the amount of 20mg a day.

Don’t worry you cannot overdose on CBD so you start on a small amount and increase gradually every few days if you feel you want a better effect. Only you will know how much you need by listening to your body and adjusting accordingly.

Side Effects of CBD

There are very minimal side effects to using CBD. It has been classified as safe by the world health organisation. If you do experience any side effects it is best to either reduce the amount your taking or stop taking it for a few days.

How much CBD Should I Take Each Day?

When we apply CBD directly under the tongue or to the gums it usually takes around 15 minutes to reach the bloodstream. It will then last for around 4 or 5 hours. This is why people usually take it twice a day.
We suggest starting on 10mg a day and increasing after 7 days if necessary. Learn more about how to take CBD Oil.

Watch this video Best CBD Oils for Beginners to get more detailed information

CBD Edibles Dosage ?

When we digest CBD it usually takes around an hour to travel through the digestive process. Once it has reached the liver it is then metabolized and will last in the system for around 8 hours. Therefore some people just take it once a day.

You can choose a CBD Capsule or CBD Edible to get your daily dose. They will range in strengths from 5mg to 30mg per serving. We suggest starting as an adult on 10mg a day and for children 5mg.

cbd gummy tangy mini mix 500mg

I hope now you feel confident to start your CBD Journey.

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