How Much CBD Should I Take? Beginners Guide

How Much CBD Should I Take? Beginners Guide

In this video, you’ll be able to understand a basic guideline for starting your CBD journey.

Minimum and Maximum Daily CBD Allowances

How much CBD to take, how long to take CBD for and when to increase your CBD intake.

Side Effects of using CBD

The differences between %CBD and MG CBD

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  1. If I want to take 45mg or 90mg per day for a month, which product should I buy and how much would I have to pay for 30-day supply?

    1. Hi Navr,

      You would need to divide the MG in the bottle with the amount you wanted to take each day.

      So as an example 1000mg at 45mg per day would last for 22 days.
      2000mg divide by 45mg per day would last 44 days

      Or you could work it out like this by multiplying the mg per day by 30
      90mg a day x 30 days = 2700mg (this would need to be a 3000mg bottle or 3 x 1000mg)

      I would suggest the Purity CBD Oils range as its cost effective and a great oil.

      Or if you have used CBD before yo may want to try the paste. This is very potent and can be used in the mouth or swallowed in a capsule.
      This paste is 850mg per tube

      Hope that’s helpful if you need anything else just let me know

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