How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

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Many people who take CBD gummies, especially those new to CBD, ask ‘how many CBD gummies should I eat’?

There isn’t one universally agreed-upon number of CBD gummies that you should consume. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the answer is complicated. In fact, the answer to how many CBD gummies you should eat is easy and will be discussed in this article.

Work Out the Amount of CBD per Sweet

Each CBD gummy has a certain amount of milligrams (mg) of CBD within the sweet. Assuming you are purchasing the gummies from a trusted supplier, the label of the tub/packet that the gummies came in should state

  • The number of gummies in the packet.
  • Milligrams of CBD within each gummy.
  • The total amount of CBD within the packet (number of gummies x amount of mg per gummy).

If the packet doesn’t state the mg of CBD per gummy, you can work it out by dividing the total amount of CBD in the packet by the number of gummies.

For example, if a tub of gummies consists of 750mg of CBD and there are 25 gummies, this means each gummy has 30mg of CBD as 750 / 25 = 30.

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Why Milligrams Is Important

Remember, you’re not taking CBD gummies for the sake of having a delicious sweet. It doesn’t matter if you eat one sweet or ten sweets. What matters is the amount of CBD you take into your body, and that is why we focus on the amount of CBD per packet and per sweet.

This is the case for all CBD products. It comes down to how many milligrams you want to take.

How Many CBD Gummies Should You Eat?

For those starting out with CBD, we recommend starting with 10mg a day for full spectrum products and gradually increase as you feel is required. For some, 10mg will be enough whereas others will need more. Only you will know how much CBD you need by listening to your body.

For broad-spectrum CBD products, we suggest having double the amount of CBD as it isn’t as strong as full-spectrum products. Therefore, when starting with broad-spectrum CBD products, start with 20mg a day.

Then, how many CBD gummies you eat depends on how much CBD you’re wanting to take. If you want 20mg of CBD, but your gummies have 10mg of CBD each, then you should take two gummies.

We hope you now understand how many CBD gummies you should eat. Feel free to check out the gummies we sell at Excite for Life, our top tips for buying CBD gummies, or a special recipe for making CBD gummies at home.

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