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5 Incredible CBD Vape Benefits Over Other CBD Products

Although CBD oils are the most popular, there are various other CBD products such as CBD vapes, CBD gummies, CBD creams and more. We will be looking at CBD vape benefits over the other types of products.

Please note that we’re not discussing the benefits of CBD, rather CBD vape benefits in comparison to the other CBD products.

What Is a CBD Vape?

There are many ways to take CBD, including sublingually (CBD oil under the tongue) and digestesting (eating CBD edibles or swallowing CBD capsules). Another method is inhaling CBD which is done through vaping or dabbing.

[Suggested Video: Me Dabbing CBD Crystals for the FIRST Time (FUNNY)]

Vaping CBD is not too different from vaping a normal electronic cigarette. The only difference is that there is CBD vape oil. Please note that normal CBD oil must NOT be used instead of a CBD vape oil as it will burn and clog the coil.

CBD Vape Benefits #1 - Extremely Quick Delivery

There isn’t a single CBD delivery system faster than inhaling. When vaping CBD, it takes minutes to reach your bloodstream via your lungs. It is even faster than taking CBD oil under the tongue, which takes just 15 minutes. Of all the CBD vape benefits, this is probably one of the key reasons why people choose a CBD vape; they want fast effects.

CBD Vape Benefits #2 - High Bioavailability

Perhaps one of the more overlooked CBD vape benefits is the high bioavailability of inhaling. As well as being one of the quickest delivery methods, vaping CBD is also the most bioavailable method. When taking CBD, regardless of the method, some is lost on the way to the bloodstream. Bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD that actually reaches the bloodstream.

CBD Vape Benefits #3 - Easy To Use Anywhere

With a CBD vape, you can take CBD with you anywhere. Whether you want to put it in your bag or your pocket, if you quickly want some CBD, you can take your vape out. In addition, vaping won’t attract the attention that maybe a CBD oil would.

CBD Vape Benefits #4 - Variety of Flavours

Many people don’t like the taste of CBD oils and therefore, choose to opt for other CBD options such as gummies or vapes. The great thing about CBD vapes is that you have a variety of flavours to choose from. Excite for Life customers love Harmony CBD E-liquids, who do a wide range of flavours, including Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Express, Mango Kush and much more.

CBD Vape Benefits #5 - Easy Transition To CBD

For those who vaped prior to taking CBD, vaping allows an easy introduction to the complex world of CBD. Cannabidiol can be quite overwhelming. There is so much information, however at the same time there often seems to be a lack of clarity. That is, of course, why we place a heavy emphasis on CBD education via our blog and YouTube channel.

Is There a Catch?

We’ve gone through the CBD vape benefits, but is there a catch to all of this? Is there a disadvantage? The one disadvantage of vaping CBD, in comparison to the other delivery methods, is that the CBD only stays within your system for about an hour. This means that if you wanted CBD effects throughout the day, you would need to vape quite frequently.

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Now that we’ve gone through the CBD vape benefits, you should now be able to conclude whether or not CBD vapes are for you.

For many people, this may not be the case. It might be that CBD oils or gummies are better for you. Or perhaps it could be ideal for you to use two types of CBD products in conjunction. For example, you take the oil every morning and if you feel like you need some more CBD throughout the day, you take a quick puff of the vape.

In either case, we have all the CBD products you will ever need to visit our CBD shop either physically in West Yorkshire, England or online.

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