CBD Tolerance – Do we need more or less?
Do you we become tolerant to CBD?

CBD Tolerance – Do we need more or less?

CBD Tolerance is it a myth or a fact? THC the cannabinoid that creates a psychoactive effect and is illegal here in the UK has been shown to build a tolerance in regular THC users. I.e they need more the longer they take it. 
This is why many regular THC users will often have a weeks break so that their tolerance drops back down. 

But is this the same for CBD?

To date, no clinical studies provide specific time periods for developing a CBD tolerance. An Israel study suggests it takes about seven months, on average to build up a tolerance to CBD. But, the research was small scale, with only 92 participants.

Many CBD blogs claim that CBD tolerance is fake. Instead, they talk about something called reverse tolerance. They’ll explain that because CBD builds up in your system over time, you need to take less of it. At the time of writing, this seems to be more of popular opinion than a firmly held scientific theory. There is no literature to support a reverse tolerance to CBD.

So do we build a tolerance and need more as time goes by or is it the reverse and as time goes by and we build it up in our system so we need less?

For me personally I don’t use an exact amount every day. I suffer with Endometriosis and find that on the couple of days a month when the pain is really bad I may use upto 100mg High Strength CBD a day however when this has subsided I drop down to 40mg a day. When I feel fine I sometimes forget to take it at all.

This is why maybe I haven’t noticed any tolerance in myself.

One of my regular customers uses the CBD Paste every day and finds that he does use more now than when he first started. He has found though that when he hasn’t taken any for a few days he really notices the difference so prefers to just take it daily.

What has your experience been ? 

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