CBD Sunday – A Day Using CBD Products

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In this video I’ll be taking you with me to show you a day using CBD. I’ll show you which CBD products I have used and how Much I have taken.

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Sundays used to be a day where I’d catch up on the sleep I’d missed through the week. I’d usually feel tired and want to just lounge around the house.

I’m grateful it’s different today as who wants to be stuck in the house when the weathers glorious and there are family and friends to spend time with!

I’ve used CBD before, during and after exercise so that the CBD can feed my ECS system.

After the gym, I headed to a friends for lunch and vaped 20mg of CBD Vape. I absolutely love this cannabis vape oil. It tastes amazing and as it is extracted from a sativa cannabis plant it has an uplifting feeling on the ECS System.

After my friends son Vinnie took me for a spin on his quad bike, I headed to my sisters for more food. Got to fuel those gains … then I was able to relax in the hammock and have some sublingual CBD Oil from canabidol.

This is one of my favourite oils as the quality is the best I’ve seen in the UK. This oil needs to be left under the tongue for ten to fifteen minutes to get optimum absorption so it’s a good excuse to sit back and chill out!

A Day Using CBD – Which CBD products I used

In total, I had 100mg CBD in the day

Elixinol CBD Oil – 30mg

Sauc Sour Diesel Vape – 20mg

Canabidol CBD Oil – 50mg

I don’t always use 100mg CBD in a day especially if I haven’t trained at the gym.

When using CBD we are all different and it’s just seeing what works for you and what your body needs.

Hope you’ve enjoyed watching

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