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CBD Questions Answered -Podcast with Royal Queen Seeds

I had a great time speaking with the team at Royal Queen Seeds. You can listen to the Podcast here called Rachael Breaks Down All Things CBD. In this 40 minute interview we talked about my personal journey with CBD and why I opened our CBD Shop in Bradford. I also answered some of the most common questions people ask about CBD.

Question 1.) What should we know about the different types of CBD Products  ?

The whole point of using CBD is to get it into the bloodstream so it can attach to the cells of the endocannabinoid system. There are four ways in which you can do this and each method has its own benefits. Which CBD Product you choose to use will be personal preference so lets answer the CBD Question of what are the methods of consumption?

Firstly you can use Sublingual CBD Oils that are dripped under the tongue. When CBD is absorbed through the mucus membranes in the mouth it reaches the bloodstream within 15 minutes and will last in the system for around 4-5 hours. This is why we suggest using it once morning and once afternoon.

excite for life full spectrum 1000mg cbd oil

CBD oils can taste of hemp especially full spectrum as they contain all the hempy cannabinoids. Therefore its worth knowing that if you are sensitive to tastes you may be better choosing a CBD Edible or capsule.

Secondly you can digest CBD either as a CBD Edible or CBD Capsule. When we digest CBD it takes around an hour to travel through the digestive system before it is metabolised by the liver. We do loose a small proportion of CBD in the digestive process however it lasts the longest, staying in the system around 8 hours. Therefore you can just take 1 serving a day.

neon gummy 750mg peach rings open lid

CBD Gummies are a tasty treat for the whole family and come in a range of strengths and flavours, including vegan CBD Gummies. Its a lot easier to give CBD Gummies to children and also to take whilst you are out and about.

Thirdly you can inhale CBD either by Vaping or Dabbing. When we inhale cannabinoids they reach the bloodstream through the lungs within minutes however they only last in the system for around an hour. These are ideal for those people who want quick relief.

cannabis flavour cbd ultra vape set

Finally you can use CBD topically as a CBD Cream or CBD Balm. When we apply CBD to the skin it absorbs through the top layer and attaches to the cells just underneath. This means you can target a specific area of skin that needs special attention however the cannabinoids will not travel around the body in the way they do with the other methods.

CBD refresh skin cream by CBD life

2.) Before we buy any CBD product, how can we know which CBD percentage is best for us?

We get asked this question about CBD Percentage frequently. I always suggest that people ignore the percentage as really it isn’t a very good indicator for dosage. Really the best way to choose a CBD product is by checking what the total MG of CBD is in the product.
As an example if you were to buy a 10ml bottle of CBD Oil that said it was 5% it would contain 500mg of CBD. A 10% CBD Oil in a 10ml bottle would hold 1000mg.
We suggest to start on 10mg a day therefore you know with a bottle that holds 500mg that it would last you for 50 days. 500mg/10mg =50 days.
If you are new to CBD its always best to start on the lowest strength which is usually 500mg. It’s only necessary to get a higher strength if you have been using CBD for a while and have gradually increased the amount you are taking. The higher the strength the less drops you need to take.
500mg bottle of CBD Oil is 2.5mg per drop. Therefore if you were taking 40mg a day you would need 16 drops
Whereas a 1000mg bottle of CBD Oil is 5mg per drop so you would only need to take 8 drops.
Really if you are taking 40mg a day it wouldn’t matter if you took it from the 500mg bottle or 1000mg bottle as you would still be getting the same amount of 40mg. It just means that the 1000mg bottle would last twice as long.

          3.) Can we make CBD products at home?

The easiest way to make CBD Products at home is to buy CBD isolate. It doesn’t have the rest of the cannabinoids from the plant, it’s just CBD. It comes in the form of a white powder, and you can use it to make your own CBD vape juice, infuse into butter for baking or even make your own CBD Bath bombs.

It’s really easy to make your own CBD Vapes at home. All you need to do is buy some PG/VG, which you can get off Amazon, and just mix the CBD crystal isolate into the PG/VG. You warm it up a little bit (not over 60 degrees) just so the crystals absorb into the oil , and then you could put your own little flavour in there if you wanted to.

To make a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil, you’d have to get a hemp plant and extract the Phyto cannabinoids from within, which is not always an easy process, as you might not be allowed to grow hemp in your country. But you can still make CBD oil at home using the isolate.

All you would do is mix the isolate with some olive oil, coconut oil, or hemp seed oil—to carry the cannabinoid into the body—and then just warm it slightly so they melt and infuse; then you’d have your own CBD oil at home.

4.) How much CBD should we take in a day?

When the industry first evolved the Food Safety Authority recommended not to exceed 200mg in a day. This I believe was because over 200mg is classified as a medicine and CBD is sold as a food supplement. Since then they have changed this to 70mg a day. In all honesty I have taken over 300mg in a day to see what would happen and it was fine you can’t overdose on CBD.

It’s not really necessary though to take large amounts as if your body doesn’t need it, it will excrete it. To answer this CBD Question we suggest therefore to start on 10mg a day and increase gradually if you feel it necessary. Just listen to your body, you will know what is best for you.

5.) Can we develop CBD tolerance?
Some scientific research does show that consistent use of CBD over a period of 6 months can induce a slight tolerance. Meaning that you need to take more to get the same results. Therefore we suggest to have a break for a week every 3 months.
6.) Can you mix CBD with other substances or medications?
Before we answer this questions we do always suggest if you are taking medication to consult your doctor. It is fine to use CBD in conjunction with medication but just not at the same time of day. Therefore we suggest leaving an hour gap. As an example if you take medication at 9am, take CBD either at 8am or 10am.
If CBD was in the liver at the same time as the medication it could inhibit the hepatic drug metabolism. This basically means it sees the medication and tries to flush it out of the system. Obviously medication is important so as long as you leave an hour gap it will be fine.
7.) Can our pets use CBD?
Here in the UK the Veterinary Medicines Directorate qualifies CBD as a medication and therefore we are not legally allowed to make CBD Products for Pets. However any sentient being that has a backbone has an endocannabinoid system so can benefit from CBD supplements.
I do get asked this question frequently and let people know that I personally give CBD Oil to my cats and I have customers who give it to their dogs and horses as well. It is legal in America to give CBD to pets so we suggest making your own personal choice. If it was something you where looking to try then it’s best to get a low strength natural CBD Oil like a 50omg as it is just 2.5mg per drop. I just put a drop on a treat, wait for it to dry and then mix it in with some other treats.
I hope you have found these questions about CBD interesting and have found the answers useful. If you want to buy CBD then feel free to look at our large range of high quality CBD. You can take advantage of our great CBD Special Offers which can be Mixed and Matched across our entire range.
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