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CBD Drinks Explained – Types, Strengths and How to Use

CBD drinks are a great choice for everyone, allowing you to drink a refreshing beverage of your choice combined with getting the effects of CBD. All thanks to water soluble CBD!

Grand View Research expects the cannabis beverages market to be worth over a whopping £2billion by 2025, with CBD drinks being the fastest growing segment.

At first, this may seem surprising. However, when you understand how they work and why we all love them, you’ll understand why the CBD drinks market is projected to be worth billions.

What are CBD Drinks?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis, playing a major role in maintaining the plant’s health. CBD cannot make you high; the only psychoactive substance within cannabis is THC.

Although most legal CBD drinks will contain a trace amount of THC, the amount is miniscule and cannot make you high. The legal limit of THC in CBD products is 0.2% in the UK.

CBD is a popular food supplement that can be consumed in a variety of different ways. You can choose to consume sublingually with CBD oils, orally with edibles and drinks, by inhaling with CBD vapes and dab rigs or topically with CBD creams and balm.

A CBD drink is simply a drink that has been infused with CBD. You can add drops of water soluble CBD to your hot drinks, soft drinks, juice drinks, or any other drink of your choice. You can also purchase drinks that have already been infused with CBD.

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Why CBD Drinks Over Other CBD Products

How Water Soluble Works

Water soluble CBD is more bioavailable than CBD oil based products. Bioavailability refers to how efficiently the body absorbs something; CBD in our case. This is because water soluble products absorb better than oil as our bodies are made up mostly of water.

The higher absorbency rate of water soluble CBD combined with the fast acting effects makes water soluble a popular choice. The effects will typically last around four or five hours; however, it is different for everybody.

An Option for Children

Not everybody is a fan of the taste of hemp, which is a feature of many CBD products. When a water soluble CBD is mixed within a drink, the taste of hemp is hardly noticeable. Whilst getting all of the effects of CBD, you can enjoy your drink as you normally would.

This makes CBD drinks a great option for kids. If you want your child to have CBD, but they don’t like the taste of hemp, they can easily add CBD to their juices, milkshakes or any other drink.
Click here to learn more about CBD for children.

Adding to a Routine

CBD drinks provide a simple and easy way of adding CBD into a routine. We may or may not eat gummies everyday, just as we may or may not choose to vape everyday. However, we will certainly choose to drink something every single day. If you have a coffee every morning, you don’t need to change your routine; all you need to do is add CBD to your coffee.

CBD coffee Photo by Kevin Menajang on Pexels

How to Use CBD Drinks (and Dosage)

As already mentioned, you can add drops of water soluble CBD to your drink. Alternatively, you can take water soluble CBD sublingually (under the tongue) just as you would with a CBD oil. You can also buy CBD Coffee or CBD Tea that has already had CBD infused into it. CBD Suppliers are introducing new drinks regularly, such as CBD turmeric and ginger herbal teas as well as CBD green teas.

When we first start using CBD it is always best to start on a low amount and increase gradually as you feel necessary. Don’t worry as you can’t overdose on CBD but it is only you who will know how much you need by listening to your body.

You can start on 1 tea bag a day with ready-made CBD tea bags, which usually contains around 5mg of CBD per serving. If you feel it is necessary, you could increase to two teabags a day after a few days and continue to gradually increase until you have reached your CBD sweet spot.

Water soluble CBD drops can be added to the drink of your choice. Usually, we suggest starting on 10mg of CBD a day when using a CBD Oil or CBD Gummy. However, as water soluble is approximately 5x more effective, you can start with just 5mg a day.  Once again, increase gradually until you reach the dosage that is right for your body.

Parents find water soluble CBD drops to be beneficial for their children. For children, we suggest starting on half the amount of an adult; therefore, 2.5mg is a sufficient amount to start for children.

What To Consider When Buying CBD Drinks

Is it Safe and Legal?

CBD products that contain over 0.2% THC are illegal in the UK, so make sure to check the amount of THC in full-spectrum CBD products.

We recommend only purchasing CBD products from brands that

  • provide third-party test results
  • extracts CBD with CO2 or food-grade ethanol
  • use organic hemp, free of, heavy metals, NON GMO and pesticides

Your Preferences

All CBD products come with their own unique benefits that separate them from the others. CBD drinks are great because you can drink whatever you want and take CBD at the same time. However, you may prefer to take CBD in another way, such as eating CBD gummies, vaping or applying CBD topically with a cream. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference.

CBD drinks Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels

Thank you for reading. We hope you’ve learned enough to decide whether or not CBD drinks are for you. If they are, shop here.
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