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CBD Creams Explained Video

CBD Creams Explained -Types, Strengths and How to Use

Bestselling CBD Creams UK Explained in this video and article. Learn about the different types of CBD Creams available such as CBD Muscle rubs, UK CBD Balms, Joint creams and massage oils. When you buy a CBD Cream you will want to get the correct strength so here you will find information to help you understand what the best strength is for your skin and how to use.


What are CBD Creams

Usually a good supplier like myself will add CBD Oil to the ingredients of a cream. Once combined it is a CBD Cream.

Using a CBD Cream is a great way to target a specific area of skin. When we apply it to the skin it absorbs through the top layer and attaches to the cells just underneath.

Unfortunately as I am a member of the Cannabis Trades Association I’m unable to tell you why you would use CBD Creams. If I did I would be making a medical claim.

However I can say that my older customers like to use these on their hands and knees. My tradesmen customers use it on their necks and backs. Furthermore I also have customers who spread it all over their body.

Basically if you have an area of skin that needs some special attention then CBD Creams are a great way to give your skin some extra love.

CBD refresh skin cream by CBD life

Please be careful not to put these in your eyes, open wounds or internally. Everywhere else is fine.



When you first start using CBD Creams it is always best to start on the lowest strength. Apply it once or twice a day and then after several days if you feel it necessary you could put double the amount on.

If you did find you were putting a lot of Cream on you could then go to the next strength. This would mean you wouldn’t have to put as much on.

If you are looking for all round balance for the body then it would be more effective to use a CBD Oil or CBD edible. When we take CBD internally it travels all around the body whereas a Cream will only go on the specific area you apply it to. Here are our best selling CBD creams. 

Canabidol CBD Rescue Cream

This is one of my best selling CBD Creams and lots of my older customers find it very effective. It has a really handy pump so if you do not have flexibility in your hands you can still get the cream out by using your fist or even your elbow to push the pump down.

This Clinically Proven Cream from Canabidol has been Proven to Repair, Restore and Soothe Skin.


Sunstate Hemp Freeze Gel

Another of my bestsellers is this CBD Freeze Gel from Sunstate Hemp. You have a choice of a roll on or pump. The pump again is easy to use if you do not have flexibility in your hands or if you want to cover larger areas the roll on is ideal.

CBD Freeze Gel from Sunstate Hemp cools and soothes skin leaving a minty fragrance.

With 250mg of Premium CBD, Menthol and Camphor Oil in each 100ml bottle your skin will love you.

CBDLife Muscle Cream

You can choose from a skin cream with 500mg of premium CBD & CBG in each Tub or choose a UK CBD Balm that has an even larger amount of 1000mg CBD.

Both are available with two different scents so you can choose to Relax or Refresh.

Relax-A blend of Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils are known to help with relaxation of both body and mind.

Refresh-A blend of Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils give a cooling and refreshing sensation.

Sunstate Hemp Skincare Range

No matter why you need to use a UK CBD Balm we have a large variety of the finest available. Choose from Tattoo Creams to Massage Oils. If you just want to test a small pot to see how it works for you then you can buy a smaller 100mg for just £12.99. We are sure once you try it you will love it.

Remember we always have great CBD Special Offers on our Best Selling CBD Creams. Buy 2 Get 10% Off and Buy 3 Get 4th Cheapest for free. You can Mix and Match across our entire range.

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