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CBD For pets

CBD For Pets – 7 Reasons Why CBD Is Great for Your Pet

If you’re considering giving your pet CBD supplements, then you’re not alone. CBD for Pets has become very popular as many pet owners are giving their animals CBD to help with a range of conditions, from anxiety and inflammation to pain relief. In the UK, due to their classification as a novel food product, there […]

best vegan cbd gummies uk

Best Vegan CBD Gummies UK

Are you looking for the best vegan CBD gummies UK? If so, then look no further than vegan CBD gummies! These tasty treats come infused with CBD oil, meaning that you can enjoy all the benefits of taking cannabidiol without having to use animal-derived ingredients. Taking a CBD gummy is easy – once chewed and […]

uk cbd laws cbd podcast

UK CBD Laws Explained – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In this recent CBD Podcast we discuss the UK CBD Laws and how they affect consumers, suppliers and UK Farmers. With the Novel Foods CBD List being finalised on the 1st July 2022 it means that if a CBD Product is not on the list it is not allowed to be sold. UK CBD Novel […]

water soluble cbd thumbnail

Water Soluble CBD- 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Video – How to Use Water Soluble CBD What does water soluble CBD mean? It basically means you can add it to any drink. Normal CBD Oils that you put under your tongue are not dissolvable in liquid whereas when you add a water soluble CBD Oil it will dissolve easily and will be optimally […]

better weigh of life shop

Buy CBD Idle UK | Excite for Life Is Expanding…

Slowly but surely, Excite for Life is expanding. Our CBD products will now be sold at Better Weigh of Life! You can now buy CBD Idle.    Choose from our bestselling CBD Products. You can buy CBD Gummies, CBD marshmallows, CBD Oils, CBD Capsules and also CBD Vapes.  This is exciting for us as not […]

can you vape cbd oil

Can You Vape CBD Oil?

Many beginners to CBD or vapes ask “can you vape CBD oil?” In this post, we will quickly and simply explain everything you need to know about vaping CBD. The answer isn’t complex, but it’s not straightforward either. Please read on because if you get this wrong, your vaping experience won’t be a great one. […]

mental health awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week – 5 Tips for Better Mental Health

Mental health awareness week, a time dedicated to increasing public awareness of mental health problems, is on the week commencing 9th May 2022. We can’t begin to explain the importance of looking after your mental health. Therefore, in light of mental health awareness week, we thought it would be a great idea to provide some […]

cbd vape benefits

5 Incredible CBD Vape Benefits Over Other CBD Products

Although CBD oils are the most popular, there are various other CBD products such as CBD vapes, CBD gummies, CBD creams and more. We will be looking at CBD vape benefits over the other types of products. Please note that we’re not discussing the benefits of CBD, rather CBD vape benefits in comparison to the […]

420 cannabis events UK

Prepare for 420 Events UK and Our 420 Sale

What Is 420? 420 is an annual celebration for cannabis lovers. It provides an opportunity for enjoying cannabis socially and to campaign for the legalisation of cannabis. The origins of 420 is a much larger story. Cannabis, CBD and 420 Events UK Coming Up Where to Be During 420 Join various other cannabis lovers and […]

5 tips to manage stress

5 Essential Tips to Manage Stress (Stress Awareness Month 2022)

Not only do we all experience stress, but the cases of stress and mental health have been rising dramatically in the past few decades. As it is Stress Awareness Month this April, we will go through 5 essential tips to manage stress. Teenagers have become more anxious and stressed with the rise of social media […]

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