Best CBD Oils for Beginners

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It frustrates me when customers say they have been told they need to spend a small fortune to start using CBD. There is so much misconception around CBD Strengths. Therefore I’ve created this video Best CBD Oils for Beginners to show you how to use CBD at an affordable price.


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How Much CBD Should I Take?

As an adult when we first start taking CBD its best to start on 10mg a day. After 7 days if you feel it necessary you can double this to 20mg a day. We recommend in the UK not to exceed 200mg in a day.

Its really about you finding your own CBD Sweetspot. We increase gradually over time until we get to a point where we feel a sense of wellbeing.

Which are the Best CBD Oils for Beginners?

Canabidol CBD Oil 250mg



This is one of the best CBD oils for beginners. It has a really subtle taste of cannabis so is ideal for those who are sensitive to tastes.

All the cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils have been extracted from the hemp plant however they have removed all traces of THC. THC is the pyschoactive component of cannabis. This is why they call this a broad spectrum oil.

The label clearly indicates how much CBD in MG you get per serving. The 250mg strength comes in a 10ml bottle. The pipette holds 1ml so you know 1 full pippette is 25mg of CBD.


Therefore if you are new to CBD I would suggest using a quarter of a pippette twice a day. Ths would equate to around 13mg a day. After 7 days if you felt it necessary you could increase to 25mg a day which would be half a pippette twice a day.

CBDLife CBD Oil 500mg

CBD Oil Full spectrum 500mg Peppermint

The second cannabis oil I think is one of the best cbd oils for beginners is CBDlife CBD Oil Spray. It does have a hempy taste to it however it comes in lemon or peppermint flavour.

This is classified as a full spectrum CBD Oil because it has all the cannabinooids including CBDa and terpenes as well as THC. It has 0.02% THC which is the legal limit allowed in the UK. Its such a minuscule amount that you wont feel any psychoactive effect. The small element of THC does help the other cannabinoids to work more effectively by promoting the entourage effect.

Again the label clearly indicates the dosage showing each spray contains 5mg of CBD. Therefore to get 10mg a day you would take two sprays under the tongue twice a day.

Purity CBD Oil 500mg

Purity CBD Oil 500mg 5%

Ive saved the best until last as not only is it exceptional in quality its also the most cost effective. It has a subtle taste of hemp however it disperses quickly once added under the tongue.

As this has been extracted from a superior hemp plant called AC/DC it is classified as Phyto-Cannabinoid RIch. This is because it has a full array of all the cannabinoids and also a huge terpene profile without any THC.

It is really easy to dose with this oil as it is only 2.5mg per drop. Therefore to get 10mg a day you would just use two drops morning and two drops afternoon.

Because it is such a low MG per drop it is easy to give small amounts to children or even your pet. Anything that has a backbone can benefit from cannabinoids.

Are high strength CBD Oils better ?

There seems to be quite abit of misconception around the strength of CBD Oils. Some people think the stronger oils must work better than an oil that has low MG.

This isn’t true as its really not about the amount of CBD that is in the bottle, its about how many mg you have per serving.

So as an example you buy a 500mg oil and a 4000mg oil. The oil in both these bottles if its from the same supplier will be exactly the same strength. Its just the 4000mg oil has more in it.

The best way to describe it is if you imagine buying a 1 pint bottle of milk and a 4 pint bottle of milk. If you were making a cup of tea it wouldnt matter which bottle you poured the milk from because its the same milk. The only difference between the two is the larger one would last longer.

Its the same with CBD Oil. Its not necessary to spend a lot of money at first. Just buy a low dosage CBD Oil like the ones above and see how you find it. Then if you are using large amounts every day then buy the next strength up as it will last longer. Most of my customers find 10-20mg a day is sufficient.

If you still feel unsure about which CBD Oil is best for you just get in touch with us we will be more than happy to help.

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